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Name Tal-Ell Bugai
Nickname Zohan
BJJ Belt Purple
Height 1.83m – but a giant amongst men
Weight 90kgs, smooth and sexy as shit…
Nationality South African
Current Residence Johannesburg
Languages English
Team Representing Mark Robinson Academy (MRA)
Professor / Coach Mark Robinson, Ethienne Reynecke, George W Bush,
Sameer Soliman, Rodney is Amazing
Favourite Gi Versace
Favourite Submission Reverse, inverted, gogo plata from fatbolo
Sponsors Reddish bull, Camel average weight, Piz Buin instant Glow, Redken,
Revlon, Issy nail polish, MAC cosmetics, Christy Mac, Dino Bertolis

Athlete Biography

I was born on the 19th of February, 1986. It was a dark and stormy night. I attended King David Nursery School and then Yeshiva Collage. My school years were average. I did well socially, but I was never a fantastic academic. Girls loved me. After school, my mother made me study engineering. I was basically ok with this as University seemed like a great place to party, do drugs and hand out with cute girls. Engineering failed on the cute girls requirement – I should have probably studied anthropology. While on this point – I want to state without reservation my support for the “Fees must Fall” campaign. AMANDLA! After completing my engineering degree I decided to become an earth moving contractor. I get to wear a safety helmet, and a high vis vest. You know what they say about guys in uniform :). I’m not sure what more I can say – They say that everyone has at least one novel in them. Its seems that my biography, would only be a paragraph. I want to thank my Mother and Father, Mark, Michail, Bryan and everyone else at MRA. and May G-d bless the United States of America.


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