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Name Juan Otto
BJJ Belt Brown
Height 185cm
Weight 85kg
Nationality South African
Current Residence Cape Town
Languages English
Team Representing Rio Grappling
Professor / Coach Shaughn Vos / Rico Hattingh
Favourite Gi Black
Favourite Submission Straight Armbar

Athlete Biography

I started in 1995 at the age of 5 in pre primary school at Kyokan under Ludwig Strydom and attended as many classes as possible, up to 9 hours a week at the insistence of my parents. At age 13 I started doing the adult classes where I met Rico Hattingh, who later then took the reigns from Ludwig, starting Rico Hattingh’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy, and I went along with him, both as a student and assistant instructor.

I have attended many competitions over the years, from the in-house competitions held by Ludwig Strydom(then Fighting Arts Institute) to the Cape of Storms in Cape Town, FILA Submission Wrestling in Johannesburg, the Pride Africa Cup in PE, GASS In Cape Town, and many others, too many to remember.

Some Highlights of my career:
December 2010 I represented SA for the FILA World Grappling Championship in Fort Lauderdale, USA
July 2012 I was Graded Purple Belt in BJJ by Roberto Atalla
December 2014 won latest gold medal at Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-jitsu Championship
January 2015 I was graded Brown Belt in BJJ by Rico Hattingh.

Currently I am training under Shaughn Vos at Crucifix and Rico Hattingh at REPS and attending the open mats at ATOS and Gracie Jiu Jitsu Cape Town

I am known for my fluid movement, flexibility based style and advanced knowledge of the principles of movement.


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