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Name Josh Muller
Nickname The Jedi
BJJ Belt Brown
Height 1.87m
Weight 89kg
Nationality South African
Current Residence Johannesburg
Languages English
Team Representing Gracie Barra Glenhazel
Professor / Coach David Aghion
Favourite Gi Scarab
Favourite Submission Guillotine choke
Sponsors Scarab, JediHealth

Athlete Biography

I have been training and competing in BJJ and MMA since I was 16. After an amateur career in both I turned to pro MMA with the EFC, I retired from MMA this year and I’ve been focusing my martial arts training time on my BJJ and submission grappling. As a BJJ player I have a strong guard and love going for the kill, I’ve won a lot of tournaments, I’ve also lost my fair share but it’s never a dull fight.


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