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Name David Verster
Nickname Davey
BJJ Belt Brown
Height 1.74m
Weight 70.3kg
Nationality South African
Current Residence Hillcrest
Languages English, Afrikaans
Team Representing Lions Den South Africa
Professor / Coach Gracie Academy – California
Favourite Gi Hellio Gracie Gi
Favourite Submission Arm Bar
Sponsors Private

Athlete Biography

My interest in training started at an early age. I started wrestling at 3, at age 7 I started doing Judo, at age 10 I started boxing and got to the stop in South Africa by the age of 14. At age 20 I turned Professional after completing my military training as a Pathfinder for the Parachute Battalion. I retired from pro-boxing after 5 professional fights and continued to do traditional Jiu Jitsu gaining my black belt. I became a Personal Trainer gaining further experience in all aspects of weight and cardio type training. Looking for something that further challenged me, I started kickboxing. I became bored after a while and then in 2000 it all came together – I discovered brilliance, in the form of Gracie Jiu Jitsu, attaining my brown belt in 2011. I started competing in this form of martial arts and some of my highlights was winning the Abu Dhabi 2009 Jiu Jitsu Championships and the SA Grappling Championship in 2012 and 2013.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu has become my passion and I live\love to coach. I see the sport transforming people mentally and physically and I hope to inspire and give back utilising this medium.


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