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Name David Aghion
Nickname Panda
BJJ Belt Black
Height 1.75m
Weight 80kg
Nationality Brazilian
Current Residence Johannesburg
Languages Jiu Jitsu
Team Representing Gracie Barra Glenhazel
Professor / Coach Rodrigo Fajardo
Favourite Gi Free ones
Favourite Submission All of them
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Athlete Biography

Training bjj since 2002, im a black belt under Rodrigo Fajardo at Gracie Barra Curitiba, moved to South Africa more or less 2 years ago to open a bjj school, have been competing in gi and no gi since the beggining of my jiu jitsu carreer, my most important accomplishment was getting 3rd place at the IBJJF worlds in 2004, juvenile blue belt heavyweight divison, i have also several state titles from Parana-BR, and many others from smaller tournaments.


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