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Name Christopher Clifton
Nickname Chris
BJJ Belt Purple
Height 186.5cm
Weight 86kg
Nationality South African
Current Residence Johannesburg
Languages English, German
Team Representing Ascent BJJ
Professor / Coach Denis Ovcina
Favourite Gi Grips
Favourite Submission RNC
Sponsors None

Athlete Biography

Training BJJ since 2012

Some recent competitive achievements:
– Gold in 2014 Hanami, Gi Medium-Heavy Division.
– Gold in 2014 Monster Clash, Gi Absolute Division.
– Gold in 2014 Ground Quest 5, No-Gi Medium-Heavy Division.
– Silver in 2014 Abu Dhabi Trials, Gi Medium-Heavy Division.
– Bronze in 2014 Abu Dhabi Trials, Gi Absolute Division
– Gold in 2015 ADCC Comp Pro Middleweight Division


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