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Name Brandon-Lee Maddock
Nickname  Mad Dog
BJJ Belt 5 years
Height 1.80m
Weight 80kg
Nationality South African
Current Residence Cape Town
Languages English
Team Representing Tricore Martial Art Gym
Professor / Coach
Favourite Gi Black Eagle
Favourite Submission Any

Athlete Biography

I have been training jiu jitsu for 5 years.
I started off with gass 4 in begins and took gold.
Then gass 6 came and I took part in intermediate and took a 2 place.
Then it was off to gass 7 I did not win the intermediate previous year but I wanted to push my self so I entered in at advance ended up with a bronze.
In 2012 renzo hosted the abu dabia trails and I took part in the intermediate gi and took bronze.
I also took part in the no gi which I took gold.


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