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The mat area is at least 8 x 8 meters, no cage or fence. If the fighters go out of this area, the referee will restart the fight in the center of the mat, in the same position they were when they left the mat when the referee said “Stop”, unless there is a submission hold in place then the fighter will then get 2 points and they will start standing.


Tap out both verbally or physically (at least twice)

Accumulative points – No advantages will be awarded

Referee’s decision
If the referee deems is unsafe to continue.
By disqualification.


10 minute rounds
5 minute overtime
2nd overtime is first to score


•    Any kind of choke (except for using the hand to close the wind pipe).
•    Any arm bar, shoulder lock, or wrist lock
•    Any Leg Lock or Ankle Lock


•    No slamming
•    No “Full Nelson” and “Crucifix”
•    No striking of any kind
•    No eye gouging or fish hooking
•    No grabbing the ears
•    No hair pulling
•    No thumbing
•    No scratching and pinching
•    No kicking
•    No biting
•    No touching groin area
•    No hands, knees or elbows on face
•    No slippery substances allowed on body or clothing
•    No use of T-shirt and no holding of shorts allowed


Each position must be established for 3 seconds or more being out of any danger of submission in order for points to be awarded.

•    Passing the guard = 3 points
•    Mount position = 2 points
•    Back mount with hooks = 3 points
•    Takedown = 2 points
•   Sweeps = 2 points


A passive fighter will be warned twice and then will be punished by minus point. The referee will warn the passive player by the words “WARNING PASSIVITY” – after the first minus given there are not going to be any more warnings and the minus points will be given right-away if the fighter continues to be passive.


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